Green building

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Within this scope, based on market demand and efficient parts of the building and the future value of constructed assets (including resources, energy, sustainability, the circular economy, etc.), Argenta is making solutions available to you in order to be able to reduce the environmental impact in areas ranging from construction to use and final demolition of the building. There are currently voluntary benchmarks for building sustainability certification. It will not be long until they are compulsory like energy ratings, as that has benefits for both society and the environment, but especially for those living in the home (lower consumption of water, electricity and resources, etc.).

Argenta strives day by day to respond to the ongoing challenges raised by building sustainability and presents the evidence in a transparent and structured manner in order to aid assessment by building sustainability certification bodies: LEED, BREEAM and VERDE.

Argenta is continuing to progress with this assessment framework and includes useful information to enable performance of the Level(s) assessment at building level.

Level(s) is an open-source assessment framework produced by the European Commission based on existing regulations to provide a common EU focus to assess the environmental performance of buildings. The building sustainability certification schema in EU BREEAM, DGNB, VERDE, HQE and ITACA.