Argenta Cerámicapresents the new trends and designs for 2023

Wood combined with marquetry details, softened terrazzo, limestone, stone colours and ceramic headboards are just some of Argenta Cerámica’s designs.

Minimalism prevails and spaces are increasingly calm and natural.

Essential Tile Meeting Trends Report.

On the occasion of “The Essential Tile Meeting”, its international design and architecture event, Argenta Cerámica has opted for a set of new interior designs for spring 2023. We present some of the ideas we are launching for the new season, the result of analysing today’s design trends and lifestyles.

Generally speaking, we can say that calm and tranquil spaces, inspired by nature, now prevail in all areas of our homes. Ceramics are a natural product in their own right, but also capable of recreating countless earth elements.

Soft woods combined with marquetry details.

Wall Tile: Marlen Oak 40×120, Marlen Slat Oak 40×120. Floor Tile: Geneve Blanc 60×120.

Argenta offers ceramic pieces full of textures and details that carry us away us to the deepest calm. And we accompany this with a hushed interior design aesthetic using woods with a soft appearance.

Our designers play around with a mix of different textures of wood in a single space. For example, the Marlen series (7 mm thin wall tiles, 40×120 cm) is presented with its own Marlen Slat relief, a piece with volume that reproduces continuous horizontal lines on the entire wall as if it were carved wood, reminiscent of traditional craftsmanship.

Wall Tile: Marlen Oak 40×120, Marlen Slat Oak 40×120.

Argenta’s team of interior and product designers are also committed to a very simple, contemporary and unostentatious aesthetic. We are actually talking about the minimalist style with the aim of achieving harmony in the home, where neutral and light colour schemes, and very tactile, matt and porous finishes, stand out.

So we propose a restful and carefully designed bedroom with a range of warm colours that convey calm and tranquillity. Sangha wood (from the Artech series, 20×120 cm) has a honey colour that inspires balance. In essence, it conveys a warm and very comforting aesthetic in which to find rest.

Floor Tile: Sangha honey 20×120.

Sandstone materials with a gentle play of colour.

Wall Tile: Mont blanc Decor Fonce 15×15, Geneve Gris 60×120.

Soft colours are also intermingled with Argenta’s new designs. Relaxing colour schemes combined with darker colours ranging from greys to browns take centre stage. The Mont Blanc small format 15x15cm series (from the Forms family) redesigns geometric patterns and enables you to create original compositions and unique settings.

Mont Blanc can be combined with the Geneve series, a sandstone ceramic floor tile with a neutral tone that reproduces natural wear and tear. It is inspired by the crushing and pressing of natural soil used in the past for the sustainable construction of shelters, one of the first building materials used by humankind.

Cements reproduced in ceramic pieces is another of Argenta’s designs, which suggests spaces with an industrial air reminiscent of large cities. The ceramic company proposes the Concrete series, which has a natural weathered look and can be used both indoors and outdoors to give continuity to spaces. It combines with small format pieces from the 30×90 cm Concrete Moon Dark series, with drawings and volumes reproduced on them, to give a more contemporary touch and movement to basic traditional cement.

Wall Tile: Concrete Dark 30×90, Concrete Moon Dark 30×90.

Terrazzo is becoming softer and the boom in limestone continues.

Floor Tile: Goldoni Grigio 60×120.

The revival in the use of terrazzo is still very much alive in today’s interior design and is becoming more delicate and subtle. Argenta has designed a large bedroom in a home with very contemporary touches, proposing Goldoni ceramic terrazzo with a gentle, modern pattern that goes almost unnoticed. It can be used anywhere in the home, providing dynamism and movement with its drawings in continuous floors. It comes in three formats: 90×90 cm square, and two rectangular 60×120 cm and 30×60 cm formats.

Stone-inspired ceramics are still trending. Their timeless quality and matt surfaces make them much-used in interior design. Stone suggests a sense of permanence and reminds us of our roots.

New uses for ceramics.

Wall Tile: Kalksten Smoke 60×120, Flodsten Snow 60×120. Floor Tile: Kalksten Night 60×120.

With ceramic stone, Argenta is taking a leap forward in interior design and going beyond traditional uses. We use it as a headboard in a bedroom, as part of the home’s furnishing, in perfect combination with the flooring. The Kalksten and Flodsten series are used in the bedroom with neutral colours and a matt finish. These series have been created for projects that seek simplicity and elegance.