In 1999, Argenta Ceramica began a young, dynamic business adventure with the enthusiasm to develop a different ceramic concept to the existing at that time, and people friendly.

Since then, we have gradually developed our own identity, positioning ourselves worldwide in a prominent position in the current ceramic scenario.

The #Friendlytile concept gave birth to a long-standing project in which we wanted to share ideas and be closer to you. Talking about ceramics, working with people for people, at a time when the brand’s values are becoming humanised to bring about more direct, lively and real communication.




“Developing trusted ceramic products, which lend emotion and feeling to spaces and give them quality, functionality and aesthetic value.”

“Being the first option, when embarking on commercial or employment relationships with a ceramic producer, which is responsible, respectful, fair and profitable.”


We are committed to our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our suppliers and our environment. Our company concept is made by and for people.

Mutual benefit

We carry out strategic actions that enable us to develop products of the highest quality and offer them at a competitive price in order to achieve the financial and profitability objectives expected from the business. A fair model for everyone involved.

Seeing things from another point of view

Curiosity, research and constant innovation enable us to see and be seen in a different way. This is apparent in the design of our products, communication and our service.

Passion for what we do

We are committed with our hearts and minds to providing solutions every day. We adapt to change, promote talent and encourage personal, collective and business growth.