«Heart, the inner source of ceramics»

A new way of connecting with ceramics

More than 2.000 square metres of passion, enthusiasm and creativity.

Heart is a different place that you can experience with all five senses, where you can interact and feel ceramics like you have never felt them before.

Heart is a living, changing and evolving space where visitors can discover the collections with which they connect the most emotionally, beyond reason and preconceived ideas.

What is your heart telling you?

We have created a space where you can pause, look inside yourself and reconnect with your feelings, impulses and intuition.

A showroom different to any other, which invites you to choose with your heart, not your mind, because…

what could be better than that which motivates us from within?

«Inside The Heart» Magazine

Discover the most exclusive Heart publication.

A compilation of the most modern trends that inspire us and interviews with the professionals who are part of the heart of Argenta Cerámica.

Virtual Tour

Discover the inside of Heart with the virtual tour we have prepared.

A tool to see all the products in our showroom with 360º views.

Photo gallery

You have reached the Heart image gallery

A selection of images that we have prepared for you to take a closer look at every detail of the most outstanding settings in our showroom.