Argenta unveils the essence of ceramics through cutting-edge design

Under the slogan “The Essential Tile Meeting”, Argenta Cerámica will bring together its customers, distributors, architects and interior designers from all around the world at its headquarters. There they will be able to take a sensory tour through different spaces. Visitors will be able to connect with ceramics and cutting-edge trends through the varied designs in each collection.

During the meeting, which will start on 20 February, they will go on a unique, customised tour, in which the personal touch and experience will be the priority. The ceramics company has prepared a series of audiovisual, gastronomic and sensory solutions to accompany the exclusive tour.

Heart: the heart of ceramic creativity.

The event will take place in the unique, award-winning Heart space at its renovated facilities. The purpose is to showcase the latest design and cutting-edge products, connecting with its customers and collaborators from all around the world through the tour.

Heart is the exhibition space, with more than 2,000 square metres of floor area, which was designed by the prestigious SUMMUMSTUDIO. The space has been awarded several prizes, including the German Design Award 2022 with a special mention for Excellent Architecture and Interior Architecture.

Internationally recognised interior architecture.

Argenta stands out for its reputation in creating interior spaces. This effort has been recognised with various awards for its stands at Cersaie (Italy) 2021, best stand in the Emporia 2021 de Oro (National Awards for Ephemeral Architecture), and The Best of the Show at Coverings (USA) 2021. It was also awarded the aforementioned German Design Award 2022.

Argenta was founded in 1999 and is a major Spanish company specialising in the manufacture and marketing of ceramic wall and floor tiles for architecture and interior design. To provide its customers with comprehensive solutions, it has a wide range of ceramic products such as porcelain stoneware floor tiles, reduced-thickness ceramic sheets, and white paste tiles, among others.

Argenta’s products are designed for architecture and interior design, residential and commercial spaces, urban areas, ventilated double-skin façades, public works, etc. It has a wide range of products and formats from the largest measuring 120*260 cm with a thickness of 6 mm, to smaller-scale products such as 15*15 cm and 6.5*20 cm.

Constant reinvestment in new production technology.

To develop these varied solutions, Argenta has an advanced product research and development unit, whose aim is to launch new concepts, products and ceramic solutions. Experts from various fields handle the entire process, from concept creation to product development, manufacturing and marketing.

Argenta stands out for its constant investment and is equipped with the latest technology in all of its manufacturing processes. It currently has five production plants and four logistics centres to serve its customers all around the world.

It markets its products internationally in more than 100 countries. The main destinations, in addition to Spain, are the European Union and the USA. Its mission is to continue investing in the latest technology with a clear commitment to innovation, quality and service.