Interior design outdoors, a must for Argenta Cerámica

Minimalist settings, continuous paving, vertical gardens, Balinese pools and turquoise blues are some of Argenta’s exterior design proposals.

Homes’ outdoor spaces have been very important since the modern architecture movement led by Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Walter Gropius in the 20th century. Today they have even become the main focus around which the rest of the spaces are organised when designing a house.

In this context, Argenta looks at the new trends and current opportunities that its ceramic designs offer for terraces, garden spaces, swimming pools and the surrounding areas, as well as barbecues, among others.

Rounded slate for swimming pools


Argenta proposes the Biltmore series for outdoor use. It is porcelain stoneware that reproduces a striking and rounded multicoloured slate with a matt finish in 30×60 cm format. Its excellent technical properties allow it to be used in any outdoor area. Argenta presents a swimming pool area in which the same ceramic piece is harmoniously used around it, creating a clean and tidy overall image.


The Aqua and Ocean collections are also vibrant options for pools inspired by water and the sea. Both collections combine perfectly with each other. Argenta proposes the use of these 15×15 cm gloss porcelain tiles to cover the entire interior of a swimming pool in a striking blue colour. This creates an intense effect that evokes the depths of the sea with reflections of light and water.

Continuity of materials between the interior and exterior


As mentioned above, the modern movement has led to homes being connected to the outdoors and nature, making them more open and transparent. So Argenta presents a large space with big windows that provide visual and stylistic continuity between the interior and the exterior.

Following the same line of design, Argenta has developed a modern and minimalist patio with the Carpenter series. This series is characterised by its functionality and elegance. It gives the patio a contemporary look and perfectly complements the home’s modern style.

Ceramics in combination with a vertical garden

Growing awareness of the importance of sustainability in the design of outdoor spaces has led to practices such as incorporating vertical gardens, efficient irrigation systems and using renewable energies to reduce the environmental impact. In this context, Argenta presents the Opera y Venezia series, proposing the creation of an outdoor area in which delicate ceramic pieces are complemented by a vertical garden.