ARGENTA is arriving at COVERINGS with an innovative proposal that merges the sculptural with the architectural.

Argenta Cerámica is returning to COVERINGS in 2022, reaffirming its commitment to added value in design and brand differentiation. After winning “The Best of Show” at the 2021 event in Orlando, thanks to the quality of its exhibition space at the Ceramic Boutique, ARGENTA has positioned itself as a leading brand in design. It has reinvented its exhibition space with a totally ground-breaking architectural proposal.

Rendering of Argenta’s stand to be presented at the Spanish Pavilion, stand number C9120.

The stand has a modular structure that not only lends the entire area a singular majesty, but also makes its entire interior perceptible from any external perspective. This gives the space total transparency and closeness to the visitor.

Rendering of Argenta’s stand to be presented at the Spanish Pavilion, stand number C9120
At this event, the firm will unveil ARTECH, a new product line that is the result of its constant commitment to innovation. This new range stands out for incorporating the latest technological advances in the field of digital application of enamels and surface finishes. The entire line will thus make it possible to reproduce unrepeatable ceramic products, as well as to design and decorate each piece with a high degree of realism with details and textures never seen before.

The Siena series is one of the new collections with the ARTECH signature.

Three series are presented within the ARTECH line: SIENA, which with its morphology reminiscent of traditional travertine, covers the stand’s entire main infrastructure. COUREL, a slate with a subtle relief and dynamism between graphics achieved thanks to its technological component. AVEYRON, a representation of the maximum expression of pure metal.

Apart from these new products, Argenta is also deepening and expanding its catalogue with the BILTMORE series, a slate with a multicoloured appearance that has been created to be smooth to the touch when dry, yet when it comes into contact with moisture, its anti-slip properties are activated.

Ambient Biltmore Series – 30×60 cm