ARGENTA, prepared to make you feel ceramics again al Cersaie.

Argenta Cerámica is exhibiting at the Bologna fair with an all-new, spacious stand. This year the firm will be in a different location, moving to Hall 19 Stand A18-B17.

Argenta is arriving at Cersaie with the slogan “FEEL TOGETHER AGAIN”, an emotional phrase that describes the feeling of returning to physical contact with customers, reactivating the senses with the desire to experience new emotions again.

In line with its brand values, the ceramics firm has built a stand surrounded by a brass structure to create an architectural space designed for reunion, a place to feel and interact with ceramics with all five senses. Argenta will present its new ceramic products in different settings that will allow us to reinterpret and understand ceramics as a pure, timeless material. It is important to stress that the stand has been designed and adapted to meet all the requirements and regulations to be able to enjoy a safe environment.

Promotional video Cersaie 2021.


Forms, the new small unit from Argenta.

Argenta Cerámica presents Forms, a large ceramic family in a small format across various collections and different styles. The units are icons of interior design, brought together in a catalogue that serves as a guide for those seeking to project uniqueness in their spaces.

Its geometric variety, the possibilities offered by its white paste and porcelain finishes, and the extensive repertoire of trending colours offered by all of the series, are the present and future of some of the icons of ceramics.

Forms is a unique catalogue for those who want to be fashionable without concern for the passage of time. Its careful design and uniqueness come together in each and every one of the settings that Forms projects. Spaces with their own identity and a common thread between them.

Carpenter. Minimalism and design with an antibacterial finish.

The Carpenter series focuses on innovation and functionality, uniting the most advanced technology and versatility, making it suitable for any project. The collection’s formats, neutral colour schemes and monochromatic look, allows it to take centre stage in any space. It does not matter whether it is in used in a home, commercial premises or a large building. It is an ambitious, unlimited series.

In addition, with its new antibacterial surface finish, it can eliminate 99% of surface bacteria (according to the JIS Z 2801-2010 standard), 24 hours a day, considerably reducing extra maintenance and the use of toxic and harmful products.

In addition to this, it can be used in hospitals, schools and restaurants, where cleaning requirements are of vital importance.
Another important detail within Carpenter is the Museum series, a solution for exteriors, which comes in 60×120 and 60×60 formats. Its colours are identical to the interior series to provide continuity in the overall project.

Gravel. A present and future collection.

The Gravel series is one of the latest new product ranges presented by Argenta. It is a porcelain tile that combines present and future, being able to combine the most advanced technique with painstaking and refined design.

It is inspired by Italian Sassi pure cement. The units stand out for their stone and oxide incrustations and the subtle glosses and reliefs that give them that industrial look so characteristic of cement.

The feel is pleasant to the touch and the finish is a non-reflective high matt with a very wide range of formats available. In addition, it is available in six harmonious colours, with a non-slip version, ideal for maintaining continuity in exteriors and with an interior wall tile version, together with an original proposal for decoration in a small 15x15cm format. In short, the Gravel series is a unique and unrepeatable collection.

New large format 7 mm wall tiles.

Argenta presents a new range of 7mm-thick 40x120cm wall tiles, a new material that meets the demands of a market that is increasingly seeking lighter units that are easier to handle without losing sight of the spectacular effect of this format, optimising logistic transport costs and making fitting easier.

Expansion of the 40×120 cm gloss range.

Argenta Cerámica is expanding and launching EXCLUSIVE MARBLES on the market. The new 40×120 cm large format glossy wall tiles are a luxurious and complete proposal for those who are looking for realism and the naturalness of marble. It is coordinated with sinuous, carefully-designed reliefs that add personality and prominence to every instance in which they are present.

New trending polished marbles.

Polished marbles are trending, so Argenta Cerámica has rounded off its polished collection with new and different polished marbles, all of them with a high-gloss Premium finish. These new marbles have all the ingredients to play the leading role in every project; there is even the option of mixing them together. The Linz and Grand Antique series stand out for their large format 120×260 cm sheets, providing continuity and the option of 60×120 and 120×120 cm porcelain floor tiles, also with a polished finish.