Argenta Cerámica is overcoming the current situation of restricted mobility. So, although the Cersaie 2020 trade fair could not be held, our “Friendlytile” DNA allows us to take advantage of the digital format to be beside our customers and give them our best. Our commitment to each one of you is behind each product launch and is a sign of our determination to remain beside you and bring new products to market.

These new products are an extensive collection of polished tiles in which we have been inspired by the purest essence of marble to create a range of porcelain floor and wall tiles that stand out for their elegance and majesty.

Inspired by the current “Mix and Match” interior design trend, we propose combinations of ceramic marbles with different textures and colours from other collections in our product range to demonstrate the ease with which this material coexists with finishes such as: wood, cement and metal.

The production technology used makes the technical qualities of these products achieve levels never seen before. The high-shine finish has been developed in order to enhance its protection and together with its polished surface it offers the highest performance in terms of: Durability, Maintenance and Resistance. To achieve this, we have adopted the best polishing technique in existence, achieving a smooth and shiny surface with almost no surface porosity, which stands out for its level of surface shine, colour and clarity.

This collection comes in a variety of sizes that range from large-format porcelain floor tiles in 120×120 and 60×120 cm to the more classical floor and wall tiles 60×60, 30×60 cm. We have also prepared a selection of 30×30 mosaics to round off the tiling options. This is a remarkable aspect that, in addition to its exquisite elegance and ease of care, makes choosing it a sure bet.