Discover Carpenter, a collection full of technical solutions

Carpenter Taupe 90×90

Argenta Ceramica is launching the Carpenter collection, a series born of the union between the most advanced technology and versatility, which gives it a multi-purpose, cutting-edge character.

The technological and innovative basis of this development provides benefits in terms of hygiene, aesthetics and resistance, the fundamental pillars of architecturally ambitious buildings with high footfall.

So one of the most outstanding aspects of this new product is its finish. Its surface with a bacteriostatic effect and bactericide has been treated to give it antibacterial properties that prevent the spread of bacteria and eliminate those that may appear. These properties make Carpenter the perfect ally for spaces that have greater hygiene requirements, whether homes or public buildings such as schools, libraries, clinics and hospitals, among others.

The Carpenter series has been developed through exhaustive chromatic research. Its low chromaticity has not come about by chance, since one of Carpenter’s objectives is to promote the good chromatic performance of any project, with special interest in a chromatic development that brings about a harmonious combination for any of its 5 colours. The result can be seen in the elegance of its nuances when it is exposed to light, a fact that manages to create truly sophisticated environments.

Choosing the right format when designing the space is fundamental. The Carpenter series has been developed in six highly marketable sizes, 90×90, 60×120, 60×60 30×60, 30×90 and 14×16 cm, allowing each designed space to be fitted with the perfect piece.

Carpenter offers a wall tile option with its white paste, rectified, 30×90 format in all of its colours. It is elegant, bright and makes spaces feel larger due to its high reflectance. In addition, the wall tiles offer an alternative to the classic floor tile for those who want an avant-garde touch. This is the Carpenter Line, a perfect complement built on geometric lines.

Carpenter Coating Line Albar 30×90

Non-slip flooring Museum 90×90

Another strong point of the collection is the Museum series, which is Carpenter’s outdoor solution, the perfect complement in a demanding environment. Its unglazed, rectified, matte porcelain stoneware comes in 60×120 and 60×60 cm formats and the same colour palette, providing overall continuity in the project.

On a different note, Carpenter includes the Gallery series. A unit that focuses on the small details, with a reduced 14×16 cm format. The geometry of these little tiles gives them a unique, minimalist feel. It is a proposal for spaces to which you want to give a more marked personality, as in the case of bathrooms or kitchens.

Small piece solution – Galery Albar 14×16

In short, the collection’s formats, finish and neutral and monochrome tones allow it to adapt to any space. Whether it is a residential use, commercial premises or a large building, Carpenter is an ideal solution that can even be applied on ventilated facades as it is a highly-resistant coloured porcelain.

Promotional video of the new Carpenter collection