DAPcons® – Environmental Product Declaration for Medium Porcelain Stoneware

Since 2017, Argenta Cerámica has participated in the DAPconstrucción® environmental declaration programme for construction products. This has been created to register products mainly used in construction and their Environmental Product Declarations—DAPcons®—are known as “Type III eco-labels”.

The resulting eco-labelling is a useful tool for environmental improvement in the tile industry and compliance with national and international legislation. The latter is due to this eco-labelling program, which is a pioneer in Spain, following the European guidelines and being regulated by the ISO 14025 and 15804 standards.

In August 2017, through the independent body responsible for registering the DAPcons® UNE-EN ISO 14025 Environmental Product Declaration, Argenta Cerámica obtained the type III eco-label with registration number DAPc002.018 for medium performance for the Porcelain Stoneware product produced in our facilities.

The different families of porcelain stoneware included in this DAPcons® are in groups BIa and BIb and they are as follows:

  • BIb glazed ceramic, 10 mm thick.
  • BIa technical porcelain, 10.5 mm thick.
  • BIa ecological porcelain, 10.8 mm thick.
  • BIa glazed porcelain, 11.5 mm thick.

A complete study of the product’s positive and negative impacts was performed and inventoried in order to obtain the data. This standardised study is known as the Product Life-Cycle Analysis and made it possible to produce the Environmental Product Declaration—EPD—which finally provided the detailed information.

By taking this step, Argenta Cerámica has made it possible to analyse the environmental impact of our products with objective information about the life-cycle and we have committed ourselves to the environmental improvement of our production procedures.

Our aim is to offer the necessary transparency to the construction sector so that professionals have objective environmental information and can take appropriate decisions when selecting the products to use in their projects.