Main ceramic trends in 2022

Aspects such as naturalness, sustainability and safety will shape interior design in 2022. The social and environmental context brought about by the pandemic has contributed to the creation of a new conception of homes.

For all these reasons, Argenta Cerámica wanted to take the pulse of this new year and identify the trends that will prevail in the coming months, inspired by the international trends for this year that it discovered at the Coverings fair in the USA. Read on to find out the most promising ones!

A return to baroque style with marble at its maximum expression.

As might be expected, elegance and sophistication are once again coming in the form of baroque-inspired ceramics, given their timeless character and extraordinary beauty. Also, their refined design, together with their finish based on thick, striking veins, make exuberant marbles a truly inspiring choice in which the most subtle luxury is capable of catching all gazes.
That is the case for series such as the large format (120 x 260 cm) Linz and Grand Antique series, which stand out for their versatility, continuity and distinction.

Linz Blue 120×120.

A celebration of colour.

The trending colour palettes are, on the one hand, more natural with aquamarine tones and lush greens that create a magnificent connection between the home and the outdoors. On the other hand, pastel colours such as sage, mint, pink and sky blue are trending (again), as they bring a calming essence that creates the feeling of comfort that is sought-after in many homes. As part of this trend, we can highlight the trending deep colours of our Vibrant series and pastel shades such as the Green in Cementine.

Vibrant Blue 7×28.

A combination of styles.

Nowadays, there is an increasing trend to combine different styles that would not usually be considered to go together, but which nevertheless merge perfectly, allowing personalisation to be taken to another level.

At Argenta Cerámica we have opted to apply miscellaneous styles, such as those presented by combining Makalu with Tholos

Makalu Cream 40×120, Tholos Gold Polished 60×120.

Warm stones.

Stone surfaces are always an excellent choice to bring natural charm to any space. This is clearly demonstrated by some of Argenta’s series such as the Earth and Cream colours in Storm, a warm stone on an upward trend in the coming years.

Storm Earth 120×260.

Wall tiles.

Today’s ceramics are becoming increasingly attractive as a substitute for wallpaper, offering a wide range of patterns to choose from. It is the turn for Argenta’s “Decor” versions such as Crafter, Terre Warm and Memphis for those who want to lend an original and different touch to their spaces.

Crafter Decor 22,3×22,3, Crafter White 22,3×22,3.

Reliefs and textures.

Another of the ceramic trends that Argenta Cerámica is committed to in 2022 is marked by the personality and style of reliefs and textures. Textures such as those in Gravel Square, Manhattan Road and Beat will thus be used, adding depth with the intention of seeking that sophisticated and elegant touch that elevates the beauty of each space to new heights.

This is the end of our tour of the trends inspired by the proposals on display at Coverings, which we expect to emerge as the year goes on. We encourage you to contact Argenta Cerámica to learn more about these and other developments in the ceramics sector.

Manhattan Road 40×120.