Spark-0 wins the ALFA award 2020

In the search for continual improvement and the development of innovative products, which improve the features of ceramic tiles to provide technical and aesthetic solutions, Argenta Cerámica has focused its efforts on developing products that can be suggested for rooms that have special behavioural and regulatory compliance requirements.

One example of this is the development of SPARK-0, a product presented at Cevisama 2020 which was given the Alfa de Oro award.

SPARK-0 has arisen from the need to eliminate static electricity in spaces where there may be a fire risk or where electrical potential is required. This is a segment covered by synthetic materials used for their technical features but with little aesthetic development. This presented an opportunity for the ceramics manufacturer which, making use of its experience, technical team and development capacity, managed to present conductive ceramic floor tiles at Cevisama 2020, designed for rooms that require control of the static electricity produced by involuntary actions, which may create an occasional discharge through an intermediary if a certain level of electrical potential is reached. Even though it does not threaten people’s physical integrity, it may cause disorders such as migraines, anxiety or shocks. It may also cause fires to start in inflammable products or cause alterations in electrically sensitive instruments or equipment.

Therefore, SPARK-0 has been designed as a special ceramic coating system which, thanks to work on its composition, glaze, thickness and assembly components, puts it in the semiconductor category, allowing the dissipation of built up electrical charges through grounding.

This solution will make it possible to work on developing a new product category in which ceramics are an innovative material, positioning it as a relevant option to provide technical solutions with a great aesthetic contribution. Argenta Cerámica is thus clearly maintaining its commitment to the development of the sector and its friendlytile concept.

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