The HEART of Argenta Cerámica

What is your heart telling you?

Argenta is the ceramics firm that listens, recognises its customers’ needs and puts them before its own. We make friendly tiles with the philosophy that has always characterised us and, at a time like this, we have gone further and opened a place where you can pause, look inside yourself and reconnect with your feelings, impulses and intuition.  

And so we have created Heart, the inner source of ceramics, at Argenta Cerámica’s facilities in Vila-real. A showroom different to any other, the result of bringing together the thousands of hearts that beat within Argenta. It invites you to choose with your heart, not your mind, because … what could be better than that which motivates us from within?  

At Heart you will find more than 1,500 metres of passion, enthusiasm and creativity. A different place that you can experience with all five senses, where you can interact and feel ceramics like you have never felt them before.  

We will soon begin guided tours and due to the restrictions on mobility and capacity, we will contact you soon to arrange the visiting schedule.  

Stay tuned! 

HEART. The graphic identity of our new showroom.