We are launching an innovative digital tool, the new Workplace Prevention Portal

Argenta Cerámica was created with a different, young and dynamic concept, which focuses on sharing ideas to be close to people. We talk about ceramics working from people and towards people, thus humanising our values.

For all these reasons, proudly displaying one of our four core values (we are people-oriented), we have set up a new Prevention Portal where everyone who works at Argenta can access workplace prevention and safety documents in an up-to-date, direct way.

This innovative digital platform offers online courses and constant access to all the latest documentation and information on prevention to train people about the risks involved in each job.

This concern for our employees has also led us to implement various risk prevention measures, such as:

• Restricting access and separating production areas
• Air showers and continuous suction systems with industrial machines
• Laundry service and changing rooms with clean and dirty areas
• Demarcated and delimited meal areas in all production plants.
• Continuous and compulsory provision of PPE
• Annual medical check-ups.
• Continuous risk prevention training

The new Prevention Portal thus comes in addition to these measures. We feel very proud about ensuring and promoting the health of our workers. We provide a framework of safety rules and are working to achieve a level of well-being at work that allows us to continue to take (greater and greater) care of everyone in the Argenta Cerámica family.