We have joined BIM with our flagship product.

At Argenta Cerámica we have joined the BIM working methodology by launching our own library with collections aimed mainly at contract projects. This new working method encompasses the entire integrated management of a building project, making it possible to design more sustainable buildings, and adding greater efficiency and effectiveness to the project through real-time exchange of information.

This new BIM library has been developed exclusively by architects who are experts in BIM modelling for Argenta, in order to aid the work of professionals involved in any project with these characteristics.

It is a single-file BIM library containing more than 250 references, so that all of the products are available updated in a single file.

Among others, it contains multiformat collections with a broad colour range such as the Gravel, Storm and Kursaal series, as well as those that stand out for their variety of finishes such as the Kalksten series in which special attention was paid to detail during their modelling. Another of the collections included is the Carpenter series, which stands out for its antibacterial finish and is ideal for projects where special attention must be given to hygiene, such as: hospitals, schools and gyms, among others.

The new ARGENTA BIM can be downloaded free of charge from our website via a quick form that will allow us to notify our customers when there is an update. It is also a tool created and designed for ease of use, which offers safety and reliability in the correct use of the modelled materials.

There is no doubt that the BIM (Building Information Modelling) methodology is the present and future and is the foundation for digital transformation in the architecture, engineering and construction sector. So, at Argenta Cerámica, we want to demonstrate our commitment to all professionals in the sector who contribute to creating more intelligent and adaptable spaces in order to build a more efficient and sustainable future for all.