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Alabama takes its name from an oak wood and is a very attractive option for interiors when seeking sobriety and uniformity throughout the home. Its large 25×150 cm format and palette of warm tones give it a feeling of comfort. This, combined with its subtle relief, achieves the soft, integrated texture that Alabama exudes.


La serie Capitol es una colección de estilo pétreo brillante ideado para su uso en interiores, transmite un efecto fino y sutil a la vez que cuenta con un acabado brillo que le aporta mucha luminosidad a cada espacio. Su paleta de colores tipo nude y sus diferentes opciones,
hacen de esta serie una buena elección para ambientes sofisticados que busquen darle un toque natural y completamente atemporal.


Dual is inspired by a stone from Central Europe. Its homogeneous characteristics and silky matt finish make it ideal to create sober, minimalist settings.
This series is available in a 30×60 cm format with a wide variety of colours and options. On the one hand, White, Grey, Cream and Tortora, which also have a relief version called Blend. On the other hand, there is Maioliche decoration, the option for the most daring and nostalgic, as it simulates traditional hydraulic tiles.


The Olimpia series is distinguished by an appearance reminiscent of a refined marble that integrates delicateness and elegance with simplicity. This Argenta series stands out for its predominant white colour in which some grey veins and subtle golden nuances merge. These are integrated with a silky matt finish, making Olimpia an excellent option for high-value projects.
Olimpia is available in a 30×60 cm rectified wall tile version, and a second 60×60 cm option for indoor flooring.


Aveyron is one of our series that incorporate our new Artech technology. This makes it possible to create a totally metallic appearance on pieces that stand out for their realism and high definition. This series comes in a single 60×120 cm format and is available in three colours: Corten, a rust effect that adds a lot of personality to any space; Blanc, a way of adding brightness with an original touch; Sombre, for those looking to create a different setting without losing a sophisticated style.


The natural wood effect of the Copenhagen series carries us away to Scandinavian countries. It offers a wide range of chromatic possibilities for the flooring of any room with a warm and friendly touch.
The collection is also complemented with Tivoli, the anti-slip version for outdoor paving.
Both series are available in a 20×120 cm thin format, which is subtly embossed and has considerably lower manufacturing emissions, offering endless logistical advantages in terms of transport and storage.


Marlen stands out for its homogeneous and delicate morphology. This makes it a fantastic choice to cover walls in a warm and cosy way.
Its technical characteristics notably include its thinness, as it is part of Argenta’s XS family. Despite its large 40×120 cm format, it is easy to install, making it ideal for projects and major renovations.
This series is completed by an innovative decoration that gives it great versatility. It has a carefully worked and integrated relief reminiscent of traditional marquetry.


This combination is a safe choice for those looking to take harmony between different rooms to another level. This proposal alternates between our indoor Salcey series and an outdoor Wooton series to create the ideal in&out.
This homogeneous, large format oak comes in 4 colours in a warm, friendly palette with a natural finish that gives any space a feeling of comfort.


This multicoloured slate comes in 30×60 cm and is an ideal material for water areas and swimming pools. That makes the Biltmore series a fantastic option for use even in swimming pools, giving the appearance of modern Balinese pools.
Despite its impeccable worn aesthetics, its greatest utility lies in the material’s characteristics. It is smooth to the touch when dry and unleashes its non-slip properties when it comes into contact with moisture: a real innovation for those who want a material that is both pleasant and non-slip at the same time.


When we talk about Courel we mean a faithful representation of traditional slate with a matt finish.
Thanks to Artech technology, its subtle relief with light shiny inlays can be appreciated, adding dynamism and realism to the collection.
This series is inspired by Galician slate from the Sierra de O Courel, hence the name and leitmotiv of the collection, which comes in a single 60×120 cm format and three distinct colours; Grey, Rust and Anthracite, which allow it to be adapted to any space and project.


The Nora series is designed for those who are looking for continuity in different areas of the home.
Its dimensions are 30×60 cm for rectified wall tiles with a matt finish, making it a very versatile and modern option. It allows for a high degree of personalisation within the series. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, from Ivory, Grey, Soft and Cream to Decor Cold and Decor Warm, perfect alternatives for those looking to give an original touch to any space.


The Siena series takes us back to the origins in Tuscany, Italy, where traditional, pure travertine was used in all construction work and is synonymous with luxury and majesty. The series comes in a single 60×120 cm format and the colours take us on a journey through three types of travertine: Laisa, the most homogeneous option;
Classico, a cross-cut version; and Toscano with a more unusual, worn composition that takes us back to ancient Rome.