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Powder is a new multi-format series that has sprung from an enriching dialogue between past and present. We have highlighted the beauty of the complex relationship between time and material, allowing us to innovate in an almost fantastical proposition in which the materials are fused together, absorbing the most authentic features of each one, leaving marks, stamping all their character on the design as a whole.


The Mimesis series is a high-quality through-body porcelain tile that recreates everything that makes wood so special. In this interpretation of ceramic wood, we sought an utterly natural look. That is why, for the Mimesis series, we opted for wider, longer tiles than usual, 25×150, and we finished them in light tones, creating warm, elegant, minimalist, cosy, modern spaces that breathe personality. All the beauty of the finest wood with the advantage of the durability and easy maintenance of porcelain.


Travertine marble, 45×90, 60×120 and 30×60 porcelain with BIANCO, NATURALE and GRIGIO neutral shades that lend great naturalness and warmth to spaces. It is one of the most durable types of marble on the market and is one of the options most sought-after by the most influential interior designers.

BLANCOS 40×120

The Cream Star series is created with the idea of tiling the most exclusive areas and high-end luxury spaces. Our inspiration is drawn from creamy ivory marble, a lovely material that we have imitated to perfection. This is a porcelain tile with a polished, high-gloss finish and an interesting variety of sizes, 120×120 and 75×75, which make it a good option for any room in the home. Wherever it goes, it will produce the effect of spaciousness and beauty. This series belongs to the Exclusive Marbles collection.


Drawing inspiration from natural stone, the Eder series is very durable and wears beautifully, as fine materials do. Its mosaic-type decorations and rough-finished relief, its two measurement formats (20×50 for walls and 45×45 for floors) plus its matching trim make it an attractive option for lively, bright and at the same time elegant interiors. It the ideal tiling for highly exclusive bathrooms.


With the Folk series we give the home an extra dose of exclusive quality, as its mosaic transforms rooms into chipper, one-of-a-kind spaces. In 20×50 glossy wall tiles, this series is one of the best options for cutting-edge customers who are out to give a lively touch to their rooms and draw attention there. Thanks to the relief work, lights play interestingly over the surface, lending the room a feeling of movement. One-of-a-kind designs for unique sensations.


The magic of a room sometimes lies in the traces left there by its inhabitants’ life experiences. Far from spoiling certain features of decoration, the passage of time gives them character. Indore captures that essence of authenticity. Indore is a series of matte porcelain floor tiles that imitate cement and are reminiscent of the worn fabric of great rugs. Its range of colours, from white to grey, including subtle earth tones, makes it possible to recreate the warmth and magic of places that have a history of their own.


With this series, we again go back to the beauty of red oak, but this time rough-cut and aged to recreate the vintage style so many customers of such different kinds find inspiring and desirable. In a matte finish, the 22.5×90 porcelain floor tile can adorn any part of the home. It is ideal for designing dream kitchens without worrying about product wear. With the Oslo series in white, gray, beige or natural tones, we can create environments with enough character and unique style to satisfy the most demanding spirits.


Highly robust natural stone with an austerity that transforms it to lend warmth and beauty to settings. Its versatility makes it a perfect candidate for indoor and outdoor use thanks to its shape, finish, texture and colour. Its stone slab appearance in 25.5×60 format and white, grey and beige shades creates unique settings with rustic, welcoming effects. Ideal to give a touch of design to small interior and also exterior spaces with minimal maintenance and surprising decorative results.


To create the Arduen series, we sought inspiration in the striking beauty of the dark, magical vegetation of the forests of the Belgian region of the Ardennes. Through-body porcelain tiles in an attractive range of greys and blacks, providing numerous options for lending a natural air to both indoor and outdoor areas. Tiles come with a smooth finish, designs in relief or a stressed finish, in different measurements to lend personality and authenticity to spaces. Arduen adapts to all kinds of needs and is the perfect match for a great many decorating styles.


This series is a faithful reproduction of one of the hardest stones there is, basalt. Ancient civilisations used basalt in their iconic constructions, and Argenta is bringing it back today like the classic it is. Due to its excellent quality and durability, this tile is great for both outdoors and indoors. The Basalt series is through-body porcelain with a semi-glossy finish, available in 120×120 and 75×75 (lapped).


The Caledonia series is full of character, thanks to the inspiration we drew from the vintage aesthetic during its creation. The 25×60 red-body wall tile with matching trim and the 45×45 stoneware floor tile present an admirable relief design with a matte finish, giving it great personality. The relief on the wall tiles emulates the look of timeworn surfaces. Ideal for ambiences that seek a down-to-earth, industrial air.


Totally timeless and versatile, white is a sure bet to surface any kind of space, among other reasons due to the brightness and the sense of spaciousness it provides. 40×120 cm format wall tiles, white paste, non-reflective matt white, which enhances its textures and geometries.


This series comes in response to a growing trend based on ceramic inspired by textile patchwork, constructed from more or less rectangular pieces. In this case various colours have been used to compose exclusive, unrepeatable units. In a white, grey and beige colour range and 25.5×60 cm format, this series conveys the feeling of the various parts forming a whole. It energises the space and revitalises walls or creates attractive elements separating areas. It adds a touch of elegance that creates unique and distinguished settings.


The Fontana series recreates one of the most beautiful, most prestigious materials the world has ever known, marble. A lovely, luminous, clean, elegant, crisp, harmonic, inspiring material. This series, in 30×90 white-body wall tile and 60×60 rectified porcelain floor tiles, is available in both glossy and matte finishes. It comes from the Carrara area, and few materials are able, like the marble used for Michelangelo’s David, to emulate such beauty and simplicity at the same time. The Fontana series is, on its own merits, a star of interior decoration for the most demanding customers.


The Myra series gives an unsurpassed imitation of quartzite, that natural material that is so highly prized by decorators. The stoneware tiles measure 22.5×60, have a matte finish and are available in both a smooth option and with relief. They are so versatile that they can be used for decorating dream kitchens, bathrooms, lounges and other indoor areas as well as rustic-style decorative walls, which give the home great character and personality. This series’ perfect applicability to both floors and walls is precisely one of Myra’s strong points.


Some trends last and last. So it is with the industrial style typical of New York lofts. Our Rubber series draws inspiration from the loft, recreating in 22.5×90 porcelain floor tiles the industrial look of vinyl floors in a range of colours reminiscent of both iron and wood, two classics of the industrial look. The Rubber series adorns the most exclusive homes and, thanks to its great versatility, it can be used to customise a room easily and effectively, creating chic, in-your-face spaces with a personality all their own.


High-quality, inalterable natural stone from quarries next to English lakes near Burlington. Its unique technical and aesthetic characteristics make Stone Lake a perfect option for indoor and outdoor spaces and for connecting the two. It has excellent specifications and comes in 45×90 and 30×60 format porcelain in units with a smooth texture, forming a tessera composition with different textures with high decorative value.


Inspired by natural stone, its elegance and strength, Hardy has been designed as a series of porcelain and white paste wall tiles that brings all the richness with which nature is built into our rooms.


Also known as serpeggiante grey, among other trade names. Silver grey is a new option for decorative marble with a smooth texture and 5 shades or colours in keeping with current trends. Silver Grey porcelain comes in a 60×120 and 30×60 format.


The Canvas series is an excellent alternative to classic wallpaper. This matte-finish 30×90 white-body wall option and the 60×60 porcelain floor tiling can be used to craft spaces with all the warmth of wallpaper, but with the advantages of the sturdiness, durability and easy maintenance of ceramic tile. To create the Canvas series, we took note of the delicate textures of fabric and vintage aged paper. The result is a combination of scraps arranged on the wall and mixed with cement to form a Mondrian-type composition. A series with a unique, light, elegant finish that goes well with interiors of all styles.


Our Chateau series imbues spaces with all the magic of aged wood plus the multiple advantages of porcelain tile. In 20×120 tiles and an attractive, true-to-life range of matte-finish wood tones like white, beech, walnut, ash and cherry, the Chateau series poses the best option for creating warm, elegant, romantic, unique spaces. Timeless, durable homes that pave the way to the magic of vintage-look worn wood, giving a glimpse of a wealth of magical experiences.


This series comes in response to a new trend involving going back to the origins, to classic designs and traditional materials. It comes in 40×120 cm and 30×60 cm format; white paste. Fibra reproduces sophisticated textile weaves, creative designs between natural and urban, geometric figures and fabric folds. In this series we have achieved the smoothness and sensitivity of textile with the functionality and resistance of ceramic.


A single-colour slate in WHITE, SAND, GREY and ANTHRACITE shades. The texture is produced by separating the stone chips and then honing them (this technique gives it a smooth finish).
It has low porosity and great mechanical resistance that allows it to be used inside and outdoors for facades, walls, roofs and paving.
Lavagna is rectified porcelain in 45×90 cm format. Perfect to combine with a decoration proposal also in 45×90 in the same colours and its accentuated relief makes it especially suitable for use as relief.


This series comes in 25×50 wall tiles and 45×45 floor tiles with a glossy finish. It is inspired by the uniform, compact cement that always yields such fine results in building and interior decorating. The result of the Newpark series is an unbeatable resemblance to glossy microcement. The series is made up of tiles that are smooth or decorated in linear relief; their combination fits like a glove for spaces that require calm and strength at the same time. Newport is ideal, for example, for exclusively designed bathrooms with personality.


High-quality stone, greatly valued for its physical and aesthetic properties. It is regarded as the Friulana stone par excellence and is one of the most popular products in the architectural sector due to its colours and how easy it is to adapt it for outdoor and indoor use.
It comes in 45×90 format in rectified porcelain together with a mosaic, also in 45×90 format, as a decorative accessory.


The Rust series is a faithful imitation of sheet metal and offers an interesting range of possibilities for creating a given look. That is why it is a wise choice for architects or interior decorators who are looking to imbue their projects with a unique atmosphere. With Rust, in a 40×120 and 30×60 white-body tile and a 60×60 porcelain tile, a space can be transformed into an attractive, minimalist environment, thanks to the gentle contrasts and the feeling of continuity created once the tiles are laid. Rust is also an excellent option for recreating vintage spaces.


An innovative series made up of three reliefs or textures. Each of them represents a different surface: Cement Resin, Patina and Wood. In a large format such as 40×120 and 25×25; white paste. It has a chromatic range of greys, whites and beiges. Wave is the result of a sophisticated search for textures and finishes that manages to create exclusive ambiences with unique tactile experiences.