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Adar is glazed porcelain stoneware in brown tones, inspired by the natural elegance of marble. Its premium polished finish gives it a high gloss effect with enhanced clarity that ensures it stands out in any room.
Used in both flooring and interior wall cladding, it comes in large format pieces of up to 120x120cm. Furthermore, this series also includes special mosaic and hexagonal pieces. These are very versatile when it comes to creating secondary micro-environments within the project.


This white body tile, with a reflection-free matt finish and smooth texture, imbues rooms the warmth typical of handmade pieces. The non-reflective enamel gives a perfect chalk paint effect, creating a timeless atmosphere in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.
Artisian comes in a single colour but with different reliefs, all with an unmistakably handmade look that evokes the purest English brick.


The Carpenter series is the result of innovation and functionality, uniting the most advanced technology and versatility. The collection’s formats, neutral colour schemes and monochromatic look, allows it to be centre stage in any space, whether it is in used in a home, commercial premises or a large building. It is an ambitious, unlimited series.


Eos’s great impact does not go unnoticed. This product draws its personality from Frapuccino marble characterised by its broad, contrasting veins. Its range gives it a sophisticated style and neutral, balanced colours to give spaces a timeless atmosphere. Eos comes in two sizes: 120×120 and 60×120 cm formats to cover spacious and well-lit spaces.


Grand Antique transports us to the River Lez valley in Aubert, France, where this marble was quarried. Only a design combining the colours of black limestone and pure white calcite could create such an elegant and sophisticated result.
Its premium polished finish and contrasting graphics make this porcelain stoneware a key element in any interior design project. The Grand Antique series will dominate and be the star of any environment. Another notable element of this series is the continuous design in 4 pieces of the 120x260cm sheet.


Marble has many attractions: it is a natural, resistant material with a great variety of finishes and textures, among many other qualities. In recent years, this has made it one of the preferred materials for interior decoration. This should come as no surprise because marble lends a touch of elegance and distinction to any setting in which it is used. So, drawing inspiration from a marble as exceptional as Crema Delicatto, Argenta Cerámica presents HELIOS in 120×120, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 high-shine polished porcelain, exceeding the properties of natural marble.


Jewell is a different but infallible bet. Its pearlescent finish can create a range of different atmospheres depending on the intensity of the light it reflects. A Jewell wall is the result of innovation applied to a traditional piece, to achieve a modern, avant-garde touch.
Whether in herringbone or horizontal formation, this tile bestows any space with personality. The enticing colour palette and gentle relief play a decisive role in any room’s decoration and style.


Linz is a very versatile and elegant glazed porcelain stoneware in three colours that can be combined with one another. The 120x260cm sheet pieces have continuity in the graphics that turn them into true works of art. In addition, it is complete with 120x120cm and 60x120cm options for flooring and interior cladding.
The Linz series comes from pure Onyx, a semi-precious stone that, combined with the premium polish, adds a sophisticated and cosmopolitan touch to any space. A unique collection that is sure to turn heads.


The Aqua and Ocean series are both based on the same concept: the water and the sea. Aqua is calmer, while Ocean has a more daring, avant-garde design. These two collections combine perfectly with one another. They come in low-absorption glazed porcelain stoneware, ideal for wet areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms. 
This series’ colours and beauty speak of water, the depth of the sea, the surface of an infinite pool. It is the perfect option for renovating an aquatic space, with the peace of mind of knowing that it will never go out of fashion.


The Rockaway series takes us back to the origins of traditional masonry construction systems. This is a modern take on a classic in which new finishes such as cement and wood have been incorporated.
The pronounced relief of this stone and its careful design make it a key decorative element in certain environments, both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its low absorption.
Six shades in 17x52cm format make Rockaway a wall tile with many options, for those seeking to integrate natural elements into projects with a more rustic feel.


Onyx is classified as semiprecious marble. Its quality is higher the more homogeneous its colours. White onyx is the most highly valued since its production is limited and it is very difficult to get hold of. Argenta Cerámica has reproduced this beautiful marble in its purest essence: homogeneity, whiteness and purity are its main characteristics. Selene polished porcelain with a high-shine finish comes in 120×120, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 cm formats.


Wood lovers will find a great ally for their project in the Tulsa series. Its 23x120cm pieces (without rectification), featuring a smooth finish and slight fading, confer amplitude and character to each room.
Tulsa imbues floors with warm colours inspired by nature, while also taking some chromatic licence. Furthermore, it allows rugs and stand-out atmospheres to be created with the decorated piece featuring geometric motifs.
Brady, the outdoor version in 23x120cm format, is the perfect choice for those who want to enjoy wood without worrying about maintenance.


The Aqua and Ocean series are both based on the same concept: the water and the sea. Aqua is calmer, while Ocean has a more daring, avant-garde design. These two collections combine perfectly with one another. They come in low-absorption glazed porcelain stoneware, ideal for wet areas such as swimming pools and bathrooms. 
This series’ colours and beauty speak of water, the depth of the sea, the surface of an infinite pool. It is the perfect option for renovating an aquatic space, with the peace of mind of knowing that it will never go out of fashion.


The Cementine series plays with shine and reliefs in pastel shades. Designed for kitchens and bathrooms where a ‘slow’ character is sought, this glazed stoneware comes with aged edges and a broad range of graphics, providing great vitality.
The decorative option is an added extra, playing with hydraulic designs that are ideal when creating original looks in interior design projects. It’s a timeless, evocative option. 


Reinterpreting tradition with contemporary designs is the Crafter series’ great achievement. These glazed porcelain stoneware pieces with a matt finish imitate terracotta with a subtle textile touch that seems to have been worn by the passage of time.
The pastel colours and decoration with floral motifs and textiles make this an avant-garde option for lovers of modernity who also want to embrace the beauty of tradition.


The Gallery collection focuses on the finer details in a reduced 14x16cm format. This solution targets those spaces that require a more marked personality such as kitchens and bathrooms.
The geometry of our small-format tiles is a nod to minimalism and individuality, which is perfect for floors and allows colours to be combined to achieve a modern ambiance.


Directly from the slate quarry, this material stands out due to its appearance, texture, and now also thanks to its wide range of colours and extensive graphic variety. The Granville series is new take on a classic.
It comes in 30x60cm non-rectified porcelain tile format, with matching 30x30cm mesh and 5x5cm studs to make a unique combo for ambitious projects that seek to generate vitality through the uniformity conferred by a single material.


This product’s inspiration comes from the Mediterranean. Pulpis marble comes from the Irta mountains and is highly characteristic due to its intense compact colour and delicate veins. With a polished shiny finish, Leto surpasses the natural material in terms of depth and its spectacular appearance with a look and technical features that are unique and appropriate for the design of marvellously elegant spaces.


The Makalu series is a classically cut travertine marble in natural colours, with a subtle relief reminiscent of the ancient columns of classical Greece.
Its stylised, rectified 40×120 cm format, with white-paste cladding, achieves the depth and continuity generated by large stones in the most sophisticated projects. This series was designed to cover the entire house.


Memphis is synonymous with being on-trend. It offers the option of black and white draughtboards, a look that is highly sought-after nowadays. It can even be the perfect wild card to combine with other collections and create harmonious, attractive compositions.
The walls and floors in our spaces will steal the show, playing with the black and white symmetries this glazed porcelain stoneware creates. Geometric decorations offer endless possibilities for creating unique, powerful designs. A patchwork effect reminiscent of English interior design that is sure to impress everyone.


The range of greys is in and of itself a good choice for any modern interior design project. Furthermore, the glazed porcelain stoneware from the Orion series goes with many styles, both classic as well as modern and contemporary.
Its neutral tones and understated, elegant graphics make it a perfect choice for floors, walls and interior cladding. This is a true luxury collection.
The combination of different formats allows the project to be approached in a comprehensive way, and manages to create a special atmosphere in each room. The result: a uniform project with plenty of personality.


Rythmique is the ideal line for those who want to give a room a boho touch. This is a white-paste tile in 7.5x30cm format that imitates plaster with an aged effect. Its worn appearance with pastel touches creates natural atmospheres that stand out thanks to their bareness.
The pieces are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and other on-trend interior design projects with plenty of attention to detail.


Stoneworks is a unique series for lovers of classic cold-zone slate. The pieces are reminiscent of traditional walls in mountain areas, designed to protect homes from adverse weather conditions.
This series stands out for its pronounced relief which, in combination with the glossy inlays, simulates wet stone, adding vibrancy to the material.
Its four colours, in 17x52cm format, offer many possibilities, depending on the room and its atmosphere.


If exclusivity were a tile, Vibrant would surely be it. This glazed stoneware series with a glossy finish has a vitrified effect that enhances the colour and creates touches of rust, providing the pieces with high added value and technical complexity. 
The colours, in light and dark ranges, are as vibrant as its essence, offering multiple possibilities when it comes to creating unique, avant-garde spaces.


Ares is an Italian classic that never goes out of fashion. Blanco Carrara is the starting point for the Ares collection with its grey veins on a white background and polished finish, it is the epitome of elegance and durability. Ares is marketed in 120×120, 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 formats in high-shine rectified porcelain with features that allow it to be adapted to countless spaces.


Marquetry is making a comeback in projects where a premium Nordic effect is sought. The linear relief of the Clash series, in 30x90cm white-paste tiles, achieves attractive, warm styles thanks to the arrangement of the wood.
The panels are reminiscent of the cladding seen in saunas, Turkish baths and luxury spas. This series is ideal for those who want to create a warm atmosphere in areas featuring water.
The colour palette ranges from the lightest wood to a medium tone through a piece that combines the two extremes, making this series easy to integrate into any environment.
The 20x120cm indoor and outdoor Tatami flooring gives the option to play with in and out zones, and extend the ambience beyond the bathroom.


Elegant, understated and uniform, this is Gold Nero – a safe bet when it comes to creating understated, elegant spaces. The delicate veining and light brown tones of its pieces achieve unparalleled effects.
This series is perfect for creating exclusive atmospheres in which marble takes centre stage. The high polish premium finish makes it incredibly versatile. It can be used to clad furniture, or in kitchens, bathrooms, floors and cladding in any project.


The glazed porcelain Gravel tile series combines present and future, and is one of Argenta’s most extensive and complete collections. It brings together the most advanced technique with an extremely meticulous, refined design.
Inspired by pure Italian Sassi cement, these pieces stand out due to their stone and oxide inlays, and the subtle shine and reliefs that bestow the characteristic industrial look of cement.
They have a pleasant feel and a high matt finish with no reflections. Moreover, this series is available in six harmonious colours, with an anti-slip version, ideal for exteriors that seek continuity. Gravel is a unique, unforgettable collection.


Iceland is synonymous with purity and subtlety. Inspired by aquamarine, this glazed porcelain tile with a premium polished finish is an excellent choice for those who believe that less is more.
Its graphic weight is subtle, reminiscent of the simplicity and beauty of Iceland’s cold, snowy landscapes. The pure greys and whites make it the perfect versatile option for almost any space.


Lineo is one of Argenta’s small pieces. It uses glazed stoneware with a glossy finish. This makes it ideally suited to bathrooms and kitchens, with high performance thanks to its low absorption capacity. 
This piece is presented in a carefully chosen colour palette. Its glossy finish makes it the undisputed star of any space, creating one-of-a-kind projects.


The exterior collection that complements Carpenter is also worthy of an artistic setting. The Museum series, which is the solution for exteriors, is unenamelled, rectified, matte stoneware tile that comes in 60×120 and 60×60. Its colours are identical to the interior series to provide continuity in the overall project.


The Rex series is ideal for those who want their bathroom or kitchen to be in line with the rest of the project. Its subtle, highly worked, neutral stone is notable for its SOFT finish, and is a very attractive option for interiors.
Its matching 30x90cm cladding, with a geometric decoration on stone, adds personality and vibrancy to a family that is able to bring together lovers of classic and contemporary styles.
Its chromatic range, in sand and stone tones, makes it easy to combine. The multicoloured piece, inspired by classic hydraulic tiles, is the icing on the cake.


Sabine is inspired by nature, flowers, rivers and fossils. This jungle-style glazed stoneware has a glossy finish, and imbues rooms with the harmony of nature. The pastel colours and infinite options for combination make this a highly versatile choice. The ideal setting for Sabine is wet areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, spas and swimming pools.


If you love stone and other natural materials but are concerned about the demanding care required, you’ve found the right series. Wells is a 15×15 matt porcelain stoneware that simulates slate, perfect for more sober spaces.
The wide variety of Wells graphics meets the needs of almost any room and interior design. Its format manages to give the series a special touch, making it one of Forms’ icons.